Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cattails I

watercolor 19" x 21"

This painting is from a picture I
took down by Stevensville, Mt near
the Bitterroot River. Liked the
reflections in the water within the


Vicki Greene said...

Wow! Amazing painting. Did you do any masking and pouring or just work from a very detailed drawing? I love it, great job.

Susan Liles said...

Hi Vicki; I did use masking and did pour for the cattail reflections on the right side of the painting. The rest of the painting was painted in sections with a brush. Also splattered masking for some of the dots of color. Sue

OWW/Claire said...


I truly love your Cattails...it is simply beautiful...makes one want to listen for the little sounds of life within the pond.

I will be back again for sure to explore more of this splendid talent you share here.

My only experience as a painter has been with walls...as in, painting a room. About three years ago, a friend that at one time taught art showed me how to shade a triangle...and from there I have been teaching myself how to sketch. I find it very relaxing. I have sketches of some trees that I did in all 4 seasons...amazing what each season reveals.

I am firm believer that the garden is proof positive that life is never really over...it just changes.

Looking forward to seeing the gardens of life as you see them...


Tinchen said...

Wow! Great work! I love it!!!

Have a nice day,
greetings from Germany,


Susan Liles said...

Claire- thanks and hope you enjoy the view!
Katrin- Thanks for the comment and glad you liked!