Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Pine

Fluid acrylic 5" x 6"

This is painted on HP watercolor
paper. Had our third snowfall
this week and painted this last
night. Looking forward to sun-
shine and warmer weather!


Anonymous said...

Need to come and visit me in Vegas if you wanna get away from that. Excellent work mom, couldn't be prouder of you and your talent.

Love Scott

Sandy Maudlin said...

WOW! What a great talent and a lot of work you've painted. So glad I found YOUR blog. Thanks for visiting mine, too.

Susan Liles said...

Hey Scott-I am so there!!! Just need cheap airline tickets. Hoping for some of the Vegas warm air to come our way by the jet stream. Just love the global warming we're having.

Sandy- Glad you like the art and blog, will be checking in on you often.

Joe said...

Hi Susan! I'm a water colorist as well. I enjoy the immediacy of watercolor and the clear pure tones when it is done right. I like the fluid style of your pine tree. I have had the most success painting animals and landscapes but you have inspired me to try my luck at portraits, if only because my wife says I can't do faces.

Susan Liles said...

Joe- I say paint the subjects that you love the most and it will show in your work. Keep painting! I'll try to do a work in progress with a portrait sometime.

Joe said...

The painting on the header of my blog is one of mine. I hope to post some of my watercolors on my blog in the near future but I don't have much time this week. Thanks for the encouragement.

Nick said...

Beautiful Susan, just the right amount of spatter. toothbrush?

Susan Liles said...

Nick...Thanks..the white splatter was done with a small, stiff oil painting brush.