Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cavalry at the Little Big Horn


Visited the Little Big Horn
Battlefield the third week of
June and we talked to this man
from Missouri who said he had
studied the events that happen at
the Little Big Horn Battlefield(25th
of June 1876) for a number of years
right down to the measurements of certain
events. Liked his "cavalry hat" that he wore
and he let me photograph him. Will finish
this painting after I return from the Puget
Sound area next week.


Nick said...

Wow Susan, that's incredible, you sure are a killer portraitist!

Susan Liles said...

Great to hear from you, hope I don't mess this one up. Thanks for the nice compliment!

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Susan - some beautiful work here all around! thanks for visiting my blog as well - I will keep an eye out!

Fernando Pena said...

Susan, that's really good work

Susan Liles said...

Kevin...Thanks for visiting and for the nice comments. Someday will be as
good as you!

Fernando...Thanks for the nice comment! Will post the end result soon.