Friday, November 20, 2009


Just need to release some steam from my teapot today,
I have just had enough! It's 6:00am and can't sleep.
Well if you are an artsy-fartsy type that loves the
government, warning- don't read any further. If
your feelings are hurt- well, go look at someone else's art.

Bambi's Bridge
My teapot reached it boiling point today after
driving up Hwy 93 to see our $1.8 million dollar
animal overpass for all the Bambis, skunks, bears,
and coyotes so they won't get hit by a car. All the
other ranchers in the area have big culverts that
run under the roads for their cows and horses to
go from one field to another. But no, the State
Hwy Dept. has to have this touchy-feely overpass for
the animals, they even put up hand rails for Bambi.
Wonder how many decaying bridges could have been
repaired or potholes filled in. Yes, I like animals,
but our priorities are a little out of whack. Alot of
people treat their dogs better than their own
kids. Dogs are animals! They lick and eat off
the floor and wipe their butts on your carpet
when you're not looking. I'm sick of the waste
of our tax dollars and all the million dollar
studies for round-abouts, bull-outs and five foot
wide bike lanes. Sick of the corrupt politicians,
and that includes you, John Murtha of PA.
I can't stand the Republican Party!
I can't stand the Democrate Party!
I can't stand the Socialists, Marxists,
Nazis, or Skin Heads.
I love Americans that still have some common
sense. Can't watch my favorite TV show anymore,
Al Gore's global warming propaganda has infiltrated
"The Office". Oh, darn, I'll have to quite watching
TV and paint more. Sick of all the save Mother Earth, global
warming crap. Just get over it! Mother Earth has been
around for millions of years and still going strong. She's like
an old lady wearing Combat Boots, just watch George Carlin
on Youtube; (warning-foul language included).
Sick of people saying we're gonna run out of resources;
the only lack of resources is the empty space that's between
the politicians heads in the District of Criminals. Quit with
the fear of us all dying from the Swine Flu and no I'm not
getting the Swine Flu vaccine-if I do died from it, I had
a good life, kids will say "she was a good Mom" and just
have to fight over the inheritance- a few paint brushes and
the paintings. Big Pharma has enough money from everybody
getting hooked on Big Pharma's medicine cabinets.
Well, I Warned You! Don't lecture me. I don't want to
hear it, this is my blog!



Jeannette said...

Oh woman, you are "tea'd" off and who can blame you? If one thinks about all this stuff ( that is to say the sorry state of public affairs)it will make one mad...It is in fact a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. But it isn't good for a people not to think we must.
That you shared it is refreshing,encouraging. Who do the cream scalpers think they are fooling? Oh, us, that's right.

Well, paint it like is.

Susan Liles said...

Jeanette--OOhh, I feel better after some sleep and getting this out! It takes alot to ruffle my feathers, but if they get ruffled, watch out!

Nick said...

Only 1.8 for that thing? Sarah Palin could have gotten 5x that much, and wouldn't have to shoot from the 'copter.
I'm a little tired of everyone having a "cause," especially the "celebrities." OK, I'm really tired of it. And while I fully support breasts :) in all ways, that campaign seems to have eclipsed everything else. Doesn't anyone care about whooping cough anymore?

Susan Liles said...

Nick, I'm sick of the celebrities having their causes too, especially when they get their noses in the political arena.

Susan Liles said...

Nick- P.S. The "girls" do need a little "support".

KnitPastis said...

Amen to that. I am forwarding this to my husband. He will love what you wrote.

Love your artwork.That's why I first came to your website.

Susan Liles said...

Knit Pastis...Hope your husband enjoys it. Thanks for stopping by!

Susan Liles said...
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debbie bailey said...

Nice to hear someone say what they REALLY think without worrying about being politically correct. You're a breath of fresh air...and courageous!

Susan Liles said...

Debbie...Thanks for stopping by, wish more people would stand up for the truth, wake-up, and tell those who believe all this "junk science" to use their brains and get educated. We are such a dumbed down society!