Friday, January 8, 2010

Experimenting with fluid acrylics

fluid acrylics 17" x 25"

Been working on this painting of leaves
and pine needles on a pond for sometime
and finally am close to finishing it.
The leaves seem to appear to "float"
a little in the air and will see if I
can remedy that. Been experimenting
with the fluid acrylics, trying to get
accustomed to the colors and how they
react in a pour without making mud in
the various layers.


Nancy Lee said...

I'd say you have this down very well, Susan! Did you mask any portion of the painting? And I love how the leaves appear to float!

Susan Liles said...

Nancy- Yes, I did mask, the leaves and pine needles. My daughter thinks I'm nuts. Maybe so!

jane minter said...

hi susan this is really beautiful ... i've never worked with liquid acrylics ...i hope you find some of the orginal painting of your g grandmother .

Susan Liles said...

Jane- Thanks, they are different and little recovery if mistakes are made. My mother has about 35 of her originals, but I have no photos of them now. Will try to post pictures of them soon.

Mary Sonya Conti said...

beautiful piece! Back in 2008 had the same concept Autumn's Tranquility was the work. Seems that the acrylic fluids and inks are the perfect media for leaves

Susan Liles said...

Mary...thanks for stopping by. Tranquility was what I had in mind while doing this painting, no focal point.

Nancy Goldman said...

Who makes the fluid acrylics. Are they the acrylic inks or something different? I would like to give them a try. Beautiful painting by the way.

Susan Liles said...

Fluid acrylics are made by Da Vinci or Golden. The paints are vibrant and paint like watercolors when thinned with some water or other watercolors. Once dried, there is no removing the pigments from the paper. These are different from the inks that are out there.