Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seeking Light

I painted this years ago from a reference
picture that was so dark I could hardly make
out the people. After tweaking the image in
photoshop, I was able to improve the lighting
and make out the individuals. While painting
this scene, I lightened the interior even more.
I was happy with the interior lighting, but
struggled with the people. Love Photoshop, it
can really save some bad photos.


Carlos León said...

Great atmosphere and beautiful light in the background

suzanneberry said...

hi susan, this is amazing! i so agree with carlos...great atmosphere and the streaming light is lovely.

Susan Liles said...


Suzanne...thanks, I was happy with the background lighting,....the "people" is another story.

Olivia said...

Beautiful light in the background Susan !

jane minter said...

the interior is beautiful susan and sense of light ... the suggestion of the chandeliers /lights are fantastic

Susan Liles said...

Olivia and Jane...thanks, glad you like.

Michelle Smith said...

Very nice. Great atmosphere!