Saturday, January 1, 2011


Finally finished my website that I put
together myself! My daughter offered to do
it for me, but I knew she was busy with school
and I needed to learn to do this myself to
develop more computer skills. I will be adding
paintings as they come along and improving the

Susan Liles

I also would like to wish everyone a Happy
New Year and thank those who have visited
my blog and left encouraging comments. May
my fellow artists have more time to paint and
reach our goals we have set for ourselves to
develop our talents even more.


Carlos León said...

Congratulation!! a great website.

suzanneberry said...

it's just beautiful and your work looks amazing showcased in the predominant color. congrats and best of luck in the new year, your work is just incredible.

Susan Liles said...

Thanks Carlos for looking.

Suzanne, thanks for looking and glad you approve!

jane minter said...

susan a very happy new year to you and your family ..well done on creating and designing your own site ...looks excellent

Susan Liles said...

Jane, thanks for checking out the website. A happy new year to you also and I'm looking forward to your new paintings this year.

mimi - watercolor artist said...

Susan, I really like your watercolor AND your portrait works. I visited your new website and was delighted to look into those faces.