Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old Woman

I haven't painted a portrait for months, so this is the
second try on this one. This is from a photo taken by
Kaiwalya Rangari, a graphic and website designer
who lives in India that gave me permission
to paint his wonderful photo of an old woman he
took on one of his recent trips. I may paint a few
more paintings of this photo and try to leave out
more of the details of this photo.


Carol Blackburn said...

I think you've done an awesome job with this, Susan. Depicting age is not an easy task whether young or old. Wonderful!

jane minter said...

susan she has a wonderful "spark" in her eyes beautiful and challenging character to paint ... hope to see your next paintings of her ciao j

Susan Liles said...

Thanks for commenting Carol and Jane.

Jane said...

A wonderful portrait so full of expression, the eyes say it all!

Susan Liles said...

Thanks Jane, this was a second try at this one, those eyes were hard to paint.

Susan Liles said...
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