Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 6- Mountain Meadow

oil on 6 x 6 gessobord

I did a black and white value sketch out of my imagination
of a mountain scene and went with the design to do this painting.
I got a little carried away with the center grass and lost the
oringinal line drawing which had much more eye appeal. I need to
be aware of boring areas as I paint and get out my scraper
and get it fixed right away. I got a little to fixed on
detail with this one and should have used more colors in
shadows and light areas. So much to learn and experiment
with. Trying to unwire my brain to KISS-Keep It Simple


Sandra Kavanaugh said...

This is beautiful. The light hitting the tall grasses contrasted with the dark trees caught my eye immediately.

Susan Liles said...

Thanks Sandra.

Sheila said...