Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Red Onion

6" X 6" oil on hardboard

Learned more about oil painting
from these last three. Will be
doing more watercolors, now work-
ing on a large painting.


Carol Carter said...

gorgeous onion! yes.. i loved naples.. and i love FL. i'm trying to see if i can make it a secondary home/market. we shall see. how are you? traveling? exhibiting?
i'm about to drive a show to MD...but otherwise things have been quiet. best..c

OWW/Claire said...

Susan...your work is beautiful. The colors are so crisp and rich. I think I'll be coming back from time to time to see what you have added. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent.


Susan Liles said...

Claire...thanks for the nice comment.
Visited your blog and will also drop in once in a while. Like your words of wisdom and sassy attitude!

José said...

Hi Susan,

We don't get (or at least I seldom see them) these red onions here in Portugal.
It's them and red pears.
Both make great still lifes.
Your paiting is quite good.

Kind regards,