Wednesday, February 25, 2009


watercolor 21" x 24"

Poured, splattered, and used Derwent
aqua pencil flakes to add color on the
violet background and center of the flower
in some of the red.


Nick said...

Can't argue with bold, and I really like how you distributed the orange through other areas of the petals. I never heard of those pencils, think I'm picking up on the flakes. I've used flakes of acrylic many times for effect. You just reminded me of someone I forgot about, check out her florals:

Susan Liles said...

Nick, this painting glows from a distance, but the computer doesn't do it justice. I've used watercolor pencil flakes (using rough sandpaper or sharp knife) dropped onto wet paper with the same effect, but the
Derwent pencils you can paint over them again without too much damage.
Love Mira's flowers! thanks

Susan Liles said...
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José said...


Very pleasant depiction of light.
I like its hues and respective chromas.

Kind regards,


Susan Liles said...

Thanks Jose' for the nice comments. Love to paint things that depict light. Sue