Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biondina Challenge

Original by Frederick Leighton

watercolor 12" x 16"

Painted this portrait of "Biondina" by English
painter Lord Frederick Leighton, which was the
subject in an art forum challenge. Had to keep
it accurate to the original, but could use what-
ever medium we wanted.


Vicki Greene said...

Wow! Great job.

MimiTabby said...

I read your little bio and was stunned that it sounded so much like mine. Your favorite thing is painting portraits and now that your kids are raised, you are doing it. I really like your Biondina. she's lovely. I hope you post more portraits soon.

Susan Liles said...

Vicki- Thanks, the challenge is a great way to practice portraits.

Mimi- Thanks Mimi; visited your website and we do have alot in common as I too do genealogy when I
need something different to do.
Thanks for the link up, I'll link to you also.

lila said...

Great job! I ran across your comment on Shirley Trevena's blog.
Love her work so much!

Susan Liles said...

Lila-Thanks for the nice comment. Shirley does have alot of fans!

Nick said...

Very impressive Susan, I could never do it!

Susan Liles said...

Nick- Thanks, I think you could paint a great portrait and put your fantastic style into it and wow us all.