Saturday, September 12, 2009

Italian Model

watercolor 12" x 16" Not for Sale

She looks alot like Selma Hayek, but is
a photo of an Italian fashion model that
Micky Modo
took and gave me permission
to paint if I agreed not to sell the painting.

Finished the main part of the house painting
and just need to do some windows and doors!
Will be able to post some new paintings


Sheila Vaughan said...

The colours are beautiful Susan. She looks like she just stepped out of Singer Sargent painting.

dominique eichi said...

where your cup cake ? Nice work otherwise

Susan Liles said... Singer Sargent, saw his paintings when they were in D.C., so I will take that as a very nice compliment.

Dominique....Sorry for the late posting, got carried away scrapping and sanding the windows outside today.