Thursday, September 24, 2009


oil 8" x 10"

An oil painting I've been working on since
this past spring. Still need to tweak some
areas of the painting. This painting was
inspired by those dreams of being naked
and in the "spotlight" and being exposed
and feeling very vulnerable.


Fernando Pena said...


Susan Liles said...

Thanks Fernando. I visit your blog also, very nice paintings, I like your style!

Nick said...

Trying to think of something clever to say about your dreams...

I don't believe I knew you painted in oil too, let alone so well. Looks like you could put a hurt on alot of those daily painters if you kept at it. Most of them all look alike, but I just saw one who's a definite cut above most:

Susan Liles said...

Nick... sorry I missed your comment.
Oil will be a challenge as I try to learn it. Yes, I know of Carol Marine and think she paints very well.