Sunday, February 14, 2010

Portrait challenge of Karin Jurick

I was asked if I wanted to participate in the
"Thank You" project to Karen Jurick who does the
Different Strokes from Different Folks to thank
her for all the work she put in to make this
blog work. 118 artists worked from the same
reference photo of Karen Jurick which are now
printed in a book and mailed off to Karen.
Jill Polsby organized the project and
worked on getting all the paintings put
together. All 118 paintings are on Jill's blog.


Fernando Pena said...

Good work Susan

Srishti said...

This is really good susan! :D I like it a lot!

Susan Liles said...

Fernando and Srishti....Thanks for the comments. The reference photo was hard to work from, so I had to use it off my monitor. As I painted this portrait of Karen, I thought she had a nose like someone else I know and subconsciously painted the eyes of the other gal.

jane minter said...
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jane minter said...

susan what a tribute she must have been've painted her beautifully ..i love your use of colour

Susan Liles said...

Jane...Thanks, Karen could end up with over 100 paintings sent to her, hope she has the storage!

Stephie Butler said...

What a fantastic portrait and a wonderful thing to do. I couldn't think of a more lovely way to show her how much her kindness and hard work has been valued & appreciated...