Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Joanne Thompson

Decided I better give some recognition to
the other side of the family for their art
talent. My aunt, Joanne Thompson, (1923-2002)
was asked to feature her art work in one of the
Walter T. Foster drawing booklet in the 1960's.
She loved to draw family members in charcoal
and painted many portraits in oil. These are
some examples of the drawings in the booklet.
In my younger years I tried to draw some of
her drawings free hand with little success.
Always shyed away from portraits, but now
love to paint portraits and figures.


gurmeet said...

Susan, you have quite a talented family! Glad to have discovered your lovely blog.

Susan Liles said...

Gurmeet- Thanks, some of the talent was past down, but not all of it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan I hope you can help I found two beautiful pictures of your aunt's work in great condition. Little boy and little girl it appears to be a popular pictures. Do you know the value. .... other than being adorable

Jefri said...

Your talent is obvious - what beautiful work. Forty two years ago, I was lucky enough to purchase 3 lithographs by you mother, which still hang in my home.