Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunshine Award

This award is given to bloggers for sharing their
creativity and positive attitude. It was given to
me by Srishti Art and Jane Minter.Vist both blogs
to see their work.

My list of bloggers I want to spotlight are ones who are old
favorites, new ones just discovered or those just getting started:

Robert Burridge mixed media, a great teacher.

Liz Hill mixed media in figures

Thomas W Schaller award winning watercolorist.

Lisa Walsh self taught artist who is in a mid-life crisis
with a sassy attitude!

Crystal Cook a stay at home mom
who specializes in children's portraits who just started a blog.
Check out her blog!

David Boyd self taught artist who has a nice style.

Matthew Innis what's new in the art scene in general
with some of Matthew's art.

Cheryl Devoto a talented new blogger.

Julie Hill Discovered she has a talent for art, self taught.

Donna Watson workshop instructor specializing in collage
and mixed media

Jose Luis Corella Is it a photograph or painting?

Alicia Sotherland pastel artist specializing in portraits


Crystal Cook said...

Susan you are just so nice! Thanks for the award, I love it! And so glad you stopped by my blog, nice to get to know you!

Susan Liles said...

Crystal...You're welcome. Keep painting,...looking forward to your next one.