Monday, March 22, 2010

Useful Tools

Some useful tools that I use once in a while. The kistka
wax writing tool on the left is what I use to mask out fine
lines, hair or whiskers on a face. This tool can be found at
Michaels craft stores at Easter time. The masking fluid
has to be diluted with water to thin it. Watercolor paint
can also be used in this for a fine line. The kistka comes
in fine, medium or heavy openings.

The middle microbrushes are great for lifting a splatter
drop in the wrong spot or applying masking in tight areas.
A few portraits were saved by lifting with this brush.

The last is a gum brush that can be found in the dental
aisle of a drugstore which is great for lifting or softening
a color that has dried without ripping the paper. The bristles
are soft and can get in tight areas.

This painting is of a Roland Roycraft study I did 15 yrs
ago trying out his technique. The small blades of grass
in the lower right corner were masked out using a kistka
writing tool. It's too hard to achieve this small of a
line with a brush. The other masking was done with a
brush which was too large for some of the reflections
in the water.


Nancy Lee said...

This is great information, Susan. And I like that you also showed an example of application. I love useful tips and have duly noted these!

Susan Liles said...

Hi Nancy, always happy to help out and share my knowledge.

Lydia said...

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