Monday, June 7, 2010

The Eyes Have It

These are some of my sketches of eyes that I
did awhile ago. When painting portraits, the
eyes are usually the center of interest so it
is important to get them right. I need to
sketch everyday because I believe it will
improve your drawings and also your paintings
in how the paint is applied in your brushstrokes.


Kathy said...

I agree: if you can draw it you can paint it. Your sketches are great. Eyes are tough to render well, and you've got to get them right in a portrait.

Crystal Cook said...

These are amazingly beautiful Susan. You are excellent at portraits and your eyes are just perfect! I'm glad you posted this:)

Fernando Pena said...

Hi Susan, wonderful sketches,

Susan Liles said...

Kathy...thanks, drawing is so important when it comes time to paint. I know so many painters who struggle with painting and they hate to draw!

Crystal...thanks, see that you love to sketch and your paintings are great, wonder why?


Carlos León said...

Completely agree with you, you have to draw every day. I draw people on the train and the subway when I go to work.
Very good exercises for eyes!

jane minter said... can see this from your beautiful portraits you paint susan .

Susan Liles said...

Carlos...I can tell that you love to draw the figure from your paintings, very beautiful.