Monday, June 21, 2010


Having fun painting pansies from the garden.
Yesterday we had hail that smashed most of
the blossoms on my flowers, or should I say
the blossoms that the deer haven't eaten yet.
Montana also had a tornado in Billings. Still
waiting for summer and sunny skies.


Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful bouquet of pansies, Susan.

Carlos León said...

Beautiful flowers!!

suzanneberry said...

Ouch! Poor pansies. Deer, hail, it's a good thing you've preserved them for all time. This is just amazing!! I love everything about it!

Thank you for your wonderful comments.

Susan Liles said...

Thanks Carol.

Carlos Leon..thanks for the nice comment.

Suzanne...thanks, poor flowers are taking a beating this spring.

Jane said...

This is breathtaking! Just discovered your blog, really like it.