Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Thaw


watercolor 12 x 14.5

It snowed last week and decided to paint
a winter scene. Hope we don't see snow for a
long time. Spring is now here and trees just
starting to shoot out leaves. Spring is my
favorite season and I have all summer to
look forward to.


cabap said...
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cabap said...

great job Susan.
love the composition !!!!!
jan :)

Crystal Cook said...

It's beautiful Susan!! You've really captured that icy look! And I love that lovely reflected color from the grass. Great work! :)

Julie Hill said...

Susan...what a treat to have "found" you after your comments on my posting the other day.....and then looking at your fabulous work.....and then see you had actually nominated me for the Sunshine award a while back.....i had no idea. Well know I know...thank you so much! looking forward to following your great work!

Susan Liles said...

Thanks cabap glad you like it.

Crystal-the ice is better in real life, the camera doesn't capture it that well.

Julie- found your blog by just jumping from blog to blog. Nice work and will check in from time to time.
Thanks for the nice compliment! Always willing to spotlight a good and upcoming artist. Look how Crystal is taking off.

Nick said...

Icy and cold and warm at the same time, how'd you do that?!

Susan Liles said...

Nick...I love the play between warm and cool colors. The yellow of course plays against the blue. I also added a hint of yellow and permanent rose to the ice area with hints of violet and blue on top of some areas of the ice. Just exaggerated the colors of the ice that were visible in the photo.

jane minter said...

susan this is beautiful painting .

Susan Liles said...

Thanks Jane for your nice comment!

Nancy Lee said...

I particularly like the grasses struggling to maintain head above water so to speak! Very nice!

Susan Liles said...
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Susan Liles said...

Hi Nancy, glad you like it, sick of winter weather...snow flakes fell today.