Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warped View

watercolor 14 1/2 x 18"

Usually don't like painting buildings, but this
reflection in a paned glass building downtown was
intriguing. It had a lot of symbolism to it for me,
the warped view of a building that looked like a
bank, the warped telephone pole and wires. Do we have
a warped view of the world or are we given a warped
view of the world?
Could have gotten a better photo from the upstairs
window of the Macy's store, but it had closed down
due to the economy. The next day they tore down the
glass paned building since it was old and not being used.
Had to combine a few of the photos for this painting.


Crystal Cook said...

That is SO cool Susan!! I love it. Great idea with the symbolism too :)

jane minter said...

sue a wonderful subject .....beautiful reflections

Susan Liles said...

Thanks Crystal...could get really political here, but will remain artsy.

(Study who repealed the "Banking Act of 1933" / "Glass Steagall" in Nov 1999. Also the "Uptick Rule")

Jane..Thanks,reflections are fun to paint.