Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Addictions -- Hillarious Sony Vaio Commercial

Many of my fellow art bloggers have gone over to
facebook to network and meet new artists, which
may have evolved into an addiction with how many
friends some "facers" can acquire. Must admit it was an
addiction at first, but have learned ya can't
get much done if ya have to see what's new with everyone
all the time. I know the artists on facebook are talkative
and fun with an occassional polictical issue thrown
in to fan some flames. Promised myself to never twitter!
The electricity went off today (yes I paid the bill)
and couldn't paint without the lights, too cold out-
side, so worked on matting and framing some paintings,
which is the reason I paint--NOT!!!
Is facebook an addiction for you?
What's your addiction? (Keep it clean)


Crystal Cook said...

Sheesh, I think blogging has become an addiction. I'm working on it. :)

Facebook I like, but seems more impersonal.

I kind of get attached to my followers :)

Susan Liles said...

Crystal- Starting out with both may seem like it is an addiction, but it will take less time as you get a pattern going, hard though with small kids. Followers on facebook are great and very supportive, but I need to paint more, been in a slump.