Saturday, May 8, 2010

Five Years

The picture above is a photoshoped picture of a
robins nest from the backyard, which I was planning
to paint. This symbolizes my life now that all the
kids are grown and gone, my husband and I are "empty
nesters" as they say.
Crstal Cook tagged me on her blog to answer the five
questions about ourselves. I'm a pretty private person,
but will be a good sport and reveal some things about myself.

What were you doing five years ago?

1-I sprained my ankle in the early spring and am still feeling
the aches and pains of cracked cartilage.
2-My youngest daughter is now a freshman in high school
so I had more time to devote to painting. (I home schooled
the two youngest so I only painted when I had time)
3-I started attending a weekly watercolor class.
4-Helping at church with my compassionate service calling.
I was helping organize ladies to do meals, cleaning, or
moving if a member in need needed it.
5-Traveling, & enjoying the family and friends

Where would you like to be five years from now?

1-Painting with more confidence and selling more artwork
2-Entering watercolor shows and receiving signature status.
(will get it with MTWS if accepted again this year)
3-Being recognized by an art magazine.
4-Enjoying being a grandma and kids with no problems!
5-Enjoying good health and traveling to fun places.

My to do list for the day was:

1-Went to help a lady who needed medical help early in
the morning.
2-Took a nice nap.
3-Sold our old computer desk to a nice kid who needed one.
(Thanks honey for hauling it for him to his place)
4-Potted and watered some flowers for Mother's Day presents.
5-Household chores and rearranging my art room now that I
have more room with the desk gone!

My favorite snacks:

1-All things sweet!
2-Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
3-But, I am cutting back, it will be nice at the
lake before we know it and I want to get into
my swimsuit!

What would I do if I was a billionaire?

I know money doesn't make you happy and can cause more
problems in the long run if you have no self control.
But....I would pay off the mortgage and my kids' mortgages.
I wouldn't donate to charities (except for disasters)
because I think other people misspend the money too much.
I would donate to our church perpetual education loan
program (students in poor countries are loaned money
interest free for an education and pay it back over time
when they have a job. I would set up my own perpetual loan
program, (people get too lazy when they get something for
nothing); start a lot of new businesses to employ people,
open about 20 watercolor galleries throughout the country
and invite other watercolorists to show their "best" paintings.
I'd buy some awesome paintings for the house.
And last, but not least, I'd have a large house in a warm and
sunny location! (Add in a sweet ride too.) Oh! and the hubby
could buy as many guitars as his heart desires.

These artists are tagged for the challenge to
answer the same questions:

Jane Minter

Jeanette Jobson

Katherine Cartwright


Jeannette said...

I enjoyed this and could relate to quite a bit of it...thanks and here's to the next five. Happy Mother's Day.

Crystal Cook said...

Wow Susan, your list is impressive! I love what you will do with those billions :)

You are a great person. You homeschooled your kids? You must have been so busy. That's awesome :)

Happy Mother's day. And I hope you will paint that nest. It would be beautiful!

Susan Liles said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks Jeannette, glad you enjoyed the list.

Hi Crystal...You can be one of my partners when I get my Billion!
Yep, home schooled the two youngest and their heads weren't filled with all the politically correct stuff and they turned out to be great kids and rather smart. Now in schools they have "No Child Left Behind", which should be labeled "Every Child Left Behind". Not a big fan of public schools. I was busy, but now in church I'm the Relief Society President, now I'm real busy!

cabap said...

jan :)

jane minter said...
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jane minter said...

Hi Susan will try and be a good sport too :) enjoyed reading your 5... , you sound like a wonderful mum ..goodluck with the MTWS you have a wonderful talent the photoshop image look foward to seeing the painting .

May 10, 2010 6:20 AM

Gary Keimig said...

interesting blog. Loved the cartoon and had to watch the add on twittering.
God bless and keep up the great work.

Susan Liles said...

Thanks Cabap.

Jane, thanks, will try to paint the nest soon.

Gary, welcome to the blog , glad you enjoyed.