Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Shades of Spring"

watercolor 7" x 9"

Those who won an award in the 2009
Montana Watercolor Society
were asked to paint a watercolor for the
2010 raffle book using the theme of "It's
Hard to be Green" or "Vision". I chose the
theme "vision" and painted this one of my
youngest daughter who was then in high school
at the time the photo was taken. The youth
see the world differently than us old folks
and she admitted the other day how immature
she and those that age were in high school.
The submitted paintings are made into two books
that will be raffled off to raise money for the
MTWS at the show banquet this fall.


Kathy said...

A wonderful painting. Congratulations on your award!

jane minter said...

congratulations susan .. really wonderful you must be pleased with it ...you're daughter looks beautiful ...looks a very good group .

Susan Liles said...

Kathy...Thanks for the nice comment.

Jane...thanks, she is beautiful! Need to paint the grandkids too.

Nancy Lee said...

Lovely painting, Susan. I particularly like the reflections in the sunglasses!